Materiali per il restauro, il risanamento e la nuova edilizia civile

MGN Plasters: materials for restoration and rehabilitation

MGN born from the extraordinary experience of master craftsman Naldo Busato, who has been working for more than fourty years of production of plasters and mortars according to old formulas of the Roman Era.

Specialized in the Manufacture and Reproduction of sample of different types of plasters and mortars for the restoration and rehabilitation.

Its products are also suitable for New Homes, ensuring a high quality of living comfort.

Among the various types, products MGN include: dehumidifiers plasters, gypsum-based Cocciopesto, colored plaster entirely in Massa, plasters Thermal Marmorini natural mortars to Entrapment and Grouting, grout Consolidating, screed Cocciopesto, supply of plaster to draft Venetian terrazzo and Pastellone.

The entire range MGN is made with the exclusive use of high quality raw materials such as natural lime, natural hydraulic coves, ground brick in grading curve, selected sands in grading curve, pozzolan, powders or marble chips selected graded particle size and natural colored clays.
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